Ages 4 Years – 5 Years

The Fox room is the last stop at HCDC before the children begin to attend Kindergarten, so there is a strong emphasis on school readiness. In this classroom, children will gain knowledge and experience through play in the following areas:

  • Math – including counting, mathematical operations, shapes, spatial awareness, measuring, patterns, and data analysis
  • Science – including observing, classifying, experimenting, predicting, drawing conclusions, communicating ideas, learning about nature and the physical world
  • Language – including comprehension of increasingly complex language, expressing thoughts and needs, vocabulary, and introduction to Spanish
  • Literacy – including phonological awareness, alphabetic principle, and concepts about print
  • Social – including taking care of one’s own needs, expressing feelings in words, building relationships with other children and adults, creating and experiencing collaborative play, and dealing with social conflict 
  • Creative Arts – including pretend play, music and movement, appreciation and creation of art
  • Physical – including fine motor strength and coordination, large motor manipulative skills, and balance